Data federation for VET/PET

The measure is intended to simplify access to and exchange of VET/PET data and thus promote innovation.

It is primarily about a data exchange architecture in which events (data) are linked directly, autonomously and without detours to the context of use for the benefit of all three VET/PET network partners.

This is to be achieved by implementing an architecture and clarifying the appropriate governance and the necessary legal foundations.

This benefits digital Switzerland because it creates a trustworthy data space for the VET/PET system in which data can be used as a strategic resource for innovation.


Start 2021
End 2023


State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation


Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research


Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education


Appropriate framework conditions make it possible to exploit the opportunities of digitalisation in the education sector


Education and skills

People, businesses and public authorities have sufficient skills to make the most of new technologies and are able to evaluate them critically.