Implementation work on Energy Strategy 2050

Within the framework of Energy Strategy 2050 and the electricity legislation (Electricity Supply Act, Electricity Supply Ordinance) the first framework conditions were stipulated for the digitalisation of the industry and the development of intelligent electricity networks (smart grids). In particular the following areas are regulated: the introduction of intelligent measuring systems (smart meters) and their IT security, the exploitation of flexibility (i.e. control of production and consumption, with demand-side management in relation to the latter) and the handling of data from smart meters. Implementation primarily applies digital approaches and in this way drives the digitalisation of the entire industry.


Start 2018
End 2027


Swiss Federal Office of Energy


Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications


Federal Institute of Metrology


The energy networks in Switzerland are intelligent, secure and efficient



Public authorities promote and operate reliable and resilient physical as well as digital infrastructures.

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