Information sheet on interpretation/application and revision of formal requirements in public law

Formal requirements (such as ‘in writing’) are cited as an obstacle to the end-to-end electronic handling of processes of all kinds. The information sheet is intended to support the Federal Administration in particular in recognising the scope for interpretation of public-law formal requirements and in making targeted use of it. If a formal requirement actually proves to be an obstacle, the information sheet is intended to facilitate a well-founded decision as to which aspects of the formal requirement must continue to be fulfilled and which modern means can be used to achieve that.


Start 2023
End 2023


Federal Office of Justice


Federal Department of Justice and Police


The population and the economy can use digital methods to conduct their business with the authorities



Businesses and society can rely on a reliable and advantageous framework for the digital environment.

Focus themes

Digitalisation-friendly legislation

Laws are designed in such a way that they encourage digitalisation instead of inhibiting it. Authorities at all federal levels conduct their business digitally whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered.