National Data Streams for a Swiss ecosystem in personalised medicine

The Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN) and the ETH Domain are currently launching a large initiative to support the Digital Switzerland strategy in the health sector. The National Data Streams is a joint programme of the Personalised Health and Related Technologies (PHRT), an initiative launched by the ETH Domain, and the Swiss Personalized Health Network supported by SERI, in close collaboration with the Swiss university hospitals and university children's hospitals. It was launched in 2022. The necessary funding has been secured until 2025.

The programme builds on the achievements of SPHN and PHRT, which established infrastructures for the interoperable and secure processing and provision of healthcare data for research, for the digitisation of patient samples and support research on personalized health and medicine. The National Data Streams are designed to bring together multidisciplinary research consortia integrating and analysing large sets of clinical data and digitised patient samples from Swiss hospitals, with the support of the BioMedIT network and the Swiss universities’ research groups and platforms including the ETH Domain Swiss Multi-Omics Center (SMOC) and Swiss Data Science Center (SDSC).

The aim is to establish a responsible, secure and sustainable exchange of health data between Swiss hospitals and Swiss research institutions, which all adhere to the regulatory framework and data protection laws. This initiative supports biomedical research and allows the Swiss population to benefit from the expected medical innovation and quality of care through data-driven and clinical studies. In the long term, a National Center for Health and Research is envisioned to support data-driven medical research in Switzerland.


  • Start 2022
  • End: 2025

Further information

  • Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT)
  • Swiss Personalized Health Network (SPHN)
  • SPHN initiative: Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • PHRT initiative: ETH Domain


Start 2022
End 2025


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Swiss Personalized Health Network


Networking the participants in the healthcare sector enables made-to-measure health provision



Public authorities promote and operate reliable and resilient physical as well as digital infrastructures.

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Focus themes

Digitalisation in the healthcare sector

Healthcare institutions and professionals are better connected; the emphasis is on the multiple use of data. In order to promote an interoperable healthcare system based on a transparent data ecosystem, and to implement specific measures and projects, a programme is to be developed to promote digital transformation in the healthcare sector.