Support for the implementation of the federal government's data science strategy

The Confederation is currently implementing a data science strategy which, among other things, envisages making greater use of methods from the field of artificial intelligence for policy-making in the federal administration. Researchers from ETH Zurich and EPFL are actively involved in implementing the follow-up mandates decided by the Federal Council. For example, the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), together with other departments and the ETHs, is to produce a report on where data science and AI can be applied along the policy-making process, among other things. In addition, a code of conduct for human-centred and trustworthy data science and AI and a concept on the application of data science and AI for the protection of privacy are to be drawn up. Finally, the Federal Chancellery (Digital Transformation and ICT Steering DTI) and the FDHA/FSO, together with internal federal IT service providers, are to draw up a concept on how a collaborative data science platform can be established in the federal administration.


Start 2022
End 2027


Federal Statistical Office


Federal Department of Home Affairs


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


The population and the economy can use digital methods to conduct their business with the authorities



Public authorities promote and operate reliable and resilient physical as well as digital infrastructures.

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