Updating of the Legislation Guide on Digital Projects

The Federal Office of Justice's Legislation Guide will be revised in 2023 to take better account of the special challenges of legislative projects in the digital context. The focus is on procedural issues, in particular concerning interdisciplinary cooperation (also in agile projects) and dealing with typical difficulties that arise for legislation due to the high pace of technological change.

The legislative bodies should be better enabled to fulfil their role as envisaged by the constitution and the law in the service of politics, society, the economy and the rule of law.

The primary concern is the quality of legislation. This is to be achieved by providing persons who prepare legal enactments with a modern tool. This is aimed directly at persons who prepare legal enactments for federal legislative bodies, but persons in the service of the cantons can also use the guidelines analogously.

This benefits digital Switzerland because only laws that are properly drafted allow policy-makers to effectively achieve their goals. This can concern promotional measures in favour of the digital transformation as well as regulations designed to counteract harmful effects of the transformation.


Start 2023
End 2023


Federal Office of Justice


Federal Department of Justice and Police


Switzerland has a modern, coherent legal foundation in terms of the rights to data and its use



Businesses and society can rely on a reliable and advantageous framework for the digital environment.

Focus themes

Digitalisation-friendly legislation

Laws are designed in such a way that they encourage digitalisation instead of inhibiting it. Authorities at all federal levels conduct their business digitally whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered.