Code of conduct for trustworthy data spaces

This measure is intended as a new data use concept capable of strengthening trust in data spaces, thus further promoting digital self-determination [DCB1] and the exchange of data.

Specifically, a voluntary code of conduct will be created for data space providers in Switzerland.

This will be accomplished by involving all relevant stakeholders and through coordination by the federal government. The joint code of conduct is to establish a number of recommendations and measures to ensure the trustworthy provision of data spaces.

This will advance Digital Switzerland by defining the framework conditions and basic principles of a trustworthy and sustainable data society.

[DCB1]This is horrifying to me. Yes, I’m very old-fashioned, and prefer dealing with a human being at the counter ????


Code of conduct to be finalised by mid-2023

Further information


Start 2022
End 2023


Federal Office of Communications


Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications


Federal Department of Foreign Affairs


Switzerland has trustworthy data spaces in which residents can exercise control over their own data



Businesses and society can rely on a reliable and advantageous framework for the digital environment.