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Charter community on the digitalisation of Swiss agriculture and food production

In conformity with the Digital Switzerland strategy, a dialogue on networking all stakeholder groups is being launched along with the charter. This dialogue is intended to nurture a shared awareness which promotes cooperation, to indicate areas where action is required and lastly to implement the strategy.

Swiss National Action Plan for Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information SNAP-EESSI

Digital information exchange between the social security agencies in Switzerland and EU/EFTA member states. Integration of the EU’s EESSI project in Switzerland.

Federal administration personnel strategy 2020 - 2023 - gearing up for digitalisation

Digitalisation also represents a challenge for the federal administration in its function as an employer. It must overhaul and adapt its structures, systems and processes. Missions change; flexible interdisciplinary approaches are increasingly in demand. The changing ranges of tasks and professional profiles pose new demands on employees and managers.…

eHealth Switzerland 2.0 Strategie

On 14 December 2018, the Federal Council adopted the eHealth 2.0 strategy. The eHealth Switzerland 2.0 strategy replaces the one adopted in 2007 and runs from 2018 to 2022. It was developed together with the cantons and implemented jointly with them. The strategy comprises the three fields of action "Promoting digitisation", "Coordinating digitisation"…

Participation in plurilateral WTO negotiations on e-commerce

The WTO provides an important legal and institutional framework for establishing global rules for digital trade in the longer term. Since May 2019, around 80 WTO members, including Switzerland, have been negotiating clarifications and additions to the WTO rules regarding digital trade as part of a plurilateral initiative (Joint Statement Initiative…

Support for the GovTech Global Partnership Programme

With SECO's support of the GovTech Global Partnership programme, Switzerland is making an important contribution to the international discussion on the future of the digital space and its governance, particularly with regard to optimised government service delivery and efficient and transparent governance. Specifically, through this initiative, it…

Digitisation in the World Bank Group

As a shareholder of the World Bank Group, Switzerland influences the frameworks, concepts and principles of the institution, including those relating to digitalisation. In this way, Switzerland makes an important contribution to the international discussion on how the World Bank Group can support countries in the positive and negative consequences…

Promotion of international data governance

This measure is intended to ensure that Switzerland advocates a comprehensive data policy discussion at the international level and contributes its principles and values.

While data policy discussions are already held at the international level, they tend to be highly specific to certain institutions and topics. There are no processes or…

Monitoring EU digital policy

The measure is intended to ensure that the Federal Council is informed about developments in EU digital policy and the consequences for Switzerland, and that it can take appropriate measures if necessary.

The primary goal is continual monitoring of legislation on digital policy in the EU. This will be supplemented with a detailed analysis…

Code of conduct for trustworthy data spaces

This measure is intended as a new data use concept capable of strengthening trust in data spaces, thus further promoting digital self-determination [DCB1] and the exchange of data.

Specifically, a voluntary code of conduct will be created for…

Supplementation of Logib for payroll system creation

Experiences from the controls of equal pay in procurement and subsidies at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels have shown that companies "without a (transparent) pay system" have larger unexplained gender pay gaps than companies with systematised pay systems. Furthermore, studies based on data from the wage structure survey show that there…

AI layout

The Federal Council has examined the developments, opportunities and problems presented by artificial intelligence. It has tasked DETEC with presenting possible regulatory approaches to artificial intelligence by the end of 2024. All federal offices responsible for the relevant areas of law are to be involved.

The analysis will be based on…

Swiss Financial Innovation Desk (FIND)

In its report 'Digital finance: areas of action 2022+', the Federal Council sets out 12 areas of action with specific measures. The new Swiss Financial Innovation Desk (FIND) was established as one of these measures.

FIND actively facilitates dialogue between stakeholder groups such as financial institutions, consumers, vendors, innovative…

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Digitalisation-friendly legislation

Laws are designed in such a way that they encourage digitalisation instead of inhibiting it. Authorities at all federal levels conduct their business digitally whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered.