eHealth Switzerland 2.0 Strategie

On 14 December 2018, the Federal Council adopted the eHealth 2.0 strategy. The eHealth Switzerland 2.0 strategy replaces the one adopted in 2007 and runs from 2018 to 2022. It was developed together with the cantons and implemented jointly with them. The strategy comprises the three fields of action "Promoting digitisation", "Coordinating digitisation" and "Enabling digitisation" with objectives and measures of the Confederation and the cantons to disseminate the electronic patient record and to coordinate digitisation around the electronic patient file.


Extension until 2024


Start 2018
End 2024


Federal Office of Public Health


Federal Department of Home Affairs


eHealth Suisse


Networking the participants in the healthcare sector enables made-to-measure health provision



Businesses and society can rely on a reliable and advantageous framework for the digital environment.

Focus themes

Digitalisation in the healthcare sector

Healthcare institutions and professionals are better connected; the emphasis is on the multiple use of data. In order to promote an interoperable healthcare system based on a transparent data ecosystem, and to implement specific measures and projects, a programme is to be developed to promote digital transformation in the healthcare sector.