Swiss Financial Innovation Desk (FIND)

In its report 'Digital finance: areas of action 2022+', the Federal Council sets out 12 areas of action with specific measures. The new Swiss Financial Innovation Desk (FIND) was established as one of these measures.

FIND actively facilitates dialogue between stakeholder groups such as financial institutions, consumers, vendors, innovative start-ups, global technology firms, academia and operators of decentralised networks. Where there is a need and demand, it also coordinates with the various public authorities.

The primary focus of FIND is to promote cross-cutting themes to consolidate Switzerland's position as a competitive financial centre, e.g. use of data, clouds, distributed ledger technology, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, green fintech, teaching and research.

To achieve this, it seeks to provide or develop the necessary impetus and recommendations for optimum framework conditions.

This benefits Digital Switzerland as a whole: the use of new digital technologies results in new products and opens the door for new players on the financial markets. In turn , this can help make them more efficient, transparent, cost-effective and customer-centred.


  • Operationalisation of FIND governance
  • Team setup
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Validation of value proposition
  • Network cultivation
  • Image cultivation
  • Knowledge creation and transfer
  • Development of regulatory recommendations for optimum framework conditions for financial market digitalisation
  • Development of a target operating model, if necessary, for after the pilot phase

Further information

SIF press release:

FIND Flagship Event SwissHacks 2024: (website under construction)


Start 2023
End 2026


State Secretariat for International Finance
Swiss Financial Innovation Desk


Federal Department of Finance



Businesses and society can rely on a reliable and advantageous framework for the digital environment.