Digitalisation-friendly legislation

Laws are designed in such a way that they encourage digitalisation instead of inhibiting it. Authorities at all federal levels conduct their business digitally whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered.


Federal Office of Justice

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9 Measures (continously updated)

Digitisation of the Swiss justice system

The Justitia 4.0 project aims to replace today's paper files with electronic files. In future, legal correspondence between the person directing proceedings and the parties to the proceedings, as well as the inspection of files will be carried out…

Federal Electronic Identification Services Act

A state-recognised electronic system for proof of identification (E-ID) enables Swiss residents to prove their identity online by digital means. This allows administrative and business processes to be carried out without media discontinuity, which…

New Data Protection Act nDSG

The new Data Protection Act (FADP) and the new Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) as well as the new Ordinance on Data Protection Certification (DPCO) came into force on 1 September 2023. The totally revised legislation adapts data protection law to the…

Possible legislation on the secondary use of data

Motion 22.3890 instructs the Federal Council to create the basis in a framework legislation so that specific infrastructures for the secondary use of data in strategically relevant areas can be quickly initialised and established. This is intended…

New VOSTRA Criminal Records Information System

The VOSTRA criminal records information system, which is fully automated, records judgments, sanctions and decisions in accordance with the Criminal Records Register Ordinance. It is run by the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) and supports federal and…

Notarial Digitisation Act

Under the current law, the original of a public deed must be produced as a paper document. In the future, based on the Federal Act on Digitalisation in the Notarial Profession (Notarial Digitalisation Act; NDA), the original of a public document may…

Events relating to digitalisation-friendly law

The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) is organising or supporting a series of events that focus on issues of digitalisation-friendly law.

Working aids for digitalisation-friendly law

The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) provides legislative bodies with auxiliary and working tools. These are available on the FOJ website.

Federal Act on the Use of Electronic Means to Conduct Official Tasks EMOTA

EMOTA creates the legal basis for conducting the digital transformation in the Federal Administration effectively and for cooperation between authorities of different communities and third parties in the field of eGovernment.

Specifically, EMOTA…

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