Digitisation of the Swiss justice system

The Justitia 4.0 project aims to replace today's paper files with electronic files. In future, legal correspondence between the person directing proceedings and the parties to the proceedings, as well as the inspection of files will be carried out via the secure Justitia.Swiss platform. The justice authorities will be provided with an application that enables them to work easily and efficiently with the digital files. The files are available to authorised persons at any time and from any location. Delays while waiting for post to arrive are eliminated. Digitalisation will therefore allow the justice authorities and the legal profession to work together more efficiently. It will also make it easier to search through and store files. The application has been developed using the latest technologies and provides a secure digital justice system.

The Justitia 4.0 project is being carried out on behalf of the Conference of Cantonal Justice and Police Directors (CCJPD) and the Federal Judicial Conference (federal courts, cantonal supreme courts and cantonal courts).


  • 2019: Kick-off of the Justitia 4.0 project.
  • 2020: Consultation on the Federal Act on the Platform for Electronic Communication in the Justice System (ECJA).
  • 2021: Start of WTO procurement for the development and operation of the ‘Justitia.Swiss’ platform.
  • 2022: Contracts awarded for developing and operating the platform.
  • 2023: Federal Council adopts the dispatch on the Federal Act on Platforms for Electronic Communication in the Justice System (ECJA).
  • 2024: Preparatory phase of the Justitia.Swiss platform.
  • 2025: (at the earliest) Pilot operation of the Justitia.Swiss platform.
  • When the Federal Act on the Platform for Electronic Communication in the Justice System (ECJA) comes into force: full operation of the Justitia.Swiss platform.

Further information


Start 2019
End 2027


Federal Office of Justice


Federal Department of Justice and Police



The population and the economy can use digital methods to conduct their business with the authorities


Digital public services

Public authorities offer their services digitally as standard (digital first).

Focus themes

Digitalisation-friendly legislation

Laws are designed in such a way that they encourage digitalisation instead of inhibiting it. Authorities at all federal levels conduct their business digitally whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered.