Federal Electronic Identification Services Act

A state-recognised electronic system for proof of identification (E-ID) enables Swiss residents to prove their identity online by digital means. This allows administrative and business processes to be carried out without media discontinuity, which saves time and money.

The state issues the e-ID and arranges the operation of the required trust infrastructure. Users should be given as much control as possible over their data.

The Confederation is currently working on the legislation on an electronic identity. The trust infrastructure required for this will also be made available to authorities and private individuals who want to issue electronic proof of identity.


  • Consultation (June to October 2022).
  • Start of ‘public sandbox’ for trust infrastructure (March 2023).
  • The dispatch on the new E-ID law is expected to be available in autumn 2023.
  • Parliamentary consultation is expected to begin at the end of 2023.

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Start 2021
End 2025


Federal Office of Justice


Federal Department of Justice and Police


Federal Office of Police
Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication
Federal Chancellery
Federal Roads Office
Digital Public Services Switzerland


The basis modules and infrastructure for a country-wide expansion of the digital administration are available nationally



Public authorities promote and operate reliable and resilient physical as well as digital infrastructures.

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Focus themes

Digitalisation-friendly legislation

Laws are designed in such a way that they encourage digitalisation instead of inhibiting it. Authorities at all federal levels conduct their business digitally whenever possible and wherever practical. If necessary, non-digital solutions are also offered.