Supplementation of Logib for payroll system creation

Experiences from the controls of equal pay in procurement and subsidies at the federal, cantonal and municipal levels have shown that companies "without a (transparent) pay system" have larger unexplained gender pay gaps than companies with systematised pay systems. Furthermore, studies based on data from the wage structure survey show that there are higher unexplained wage differences in small companies.

A lack of a wage system in smaller companies can sometimes be a reason for this phenomenon. Designing and introducing a formalised wage system can be associated with a high level of internal effort as well as external consultancy costs, which can have a deterrent effect on smaller companies in particular.

For this reason, the Confederation's standard analysis tool, the online application Logib, has been supplemented with a functionality that allows small and medium size enterprises to independently create the foundation of a simple pay system, based on functions: Logib pay system. By consistently evaluating positions against their requirements and demands and designing the pay bands accordingly, one reduces the risk of pay discrimination. In this way, the constitutional requirement of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value can be taken into account - an important basis for achieving the constitutionally stipulated equal pay in Switzerland.

Logib pay system is an easy-to-use digital application that meets the needs of today's users.



Start 2022
End 2023



Federal Department of Home Affairs


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