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The Federal Council has examined the developments, opportunities and problems presented by artificial intelligence. It has tasked DETEC with presenting possible regulatory approaches to artificial intelligence by the end of 2024. All federal offices responsible for the relevant areas of law are to be involved.

The analysis will be based on existing Swiss law and will show which regulatory approaches are compatible with the EU Regulation on Artificial Intelligence (AI Act) and with the Council of Europe Convention on Artificial Intelligence. Both regulations, which contain binding horizontal rules on artificial intelligence, are relevant to Switzerland. They are scheduled to come into force in spring 2024. The regulatory requirements will be examined with particular attention paid to respect for fundamental rights. Technical standards and the financial and institutional consequences of the various approaches will also be taken into account.

In conducting this analysis, the Federal Council is seeking to create the basis for issuing a firm mandate for an AI regulatory project in 2025 and defining responsibilities.

The aim of the measure is to identify possible regulatory approaches to artificial intelligence and examine what form regulation could take. It therefore seeks to improve approaches to AI in Switzerland. First and foremost, the aim is to draw up an overview of possible regulatory approaches in the field of AI. This should be completed by the end of 2024.

The measure is of relevance for digital Switzerland because it addresses the subject of AI.


Start 2024
End 2025


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