Consular hub

This measure is intended to improve the standard of consular services for Swiss citizens abroad.

The primary aim is to provide the services required by Swiss citizens abroad in a single self-service portal that can be accessed with the eID login. This is to be achieved by combining the various services provided by different offices in one service hub.

This benefits Digital Switzerland because it creates digital continuity from the portal to the relevant cantonal or federal authorities. Customers enjoy a service that is fast, simple, secure and transparent.


2023 Project initiation

Further information

The Foreign Policy Strategy 2020–23 states that ‘the range of online and mobile consular services will be continuously expanded. Secure and reliable electronic identification of customers will be key. Switzerland will organise its consular services so that the service provided to the public is also customer friendly’.


Start 2023
End 2027


Federal Department of Foreign Affairs


Federal Department of Foreign Affairs


The basis modules and infrastructure for a country-wide expansion of the digital administration are available nationally


Digital public services

Public authorities offer their services digitally as standard (digital first).