Distribution of the I14Y interoperability platform

The I14Y interoperability platform is a central directory in the DataHub data ecosystem. To this end, administrative bodies must record their metadata, API interfaces and electronic government services on the platform (in accordance with EMBAG). The added value of the I14Y interoperability platform grows the more information is available. Administrative bodies at all levels of government should be encouraged to use it and actively supported in doing so.

Available information on existing data records is important for electronic data exchange. Promoting their collection not only supports digitalisation in the administration, but is also an important step towards implementing the once-only principle. It primarily aims to make existing data collections and electronic government services findable.

It will achieve its purpose by providing administrative bodies at all federal levels with firm support in using the I14Y interoperability platform. This will increase the number of data collections, API interfaces and electronic government services documented on the platform.

This advances Digital Switzerland because a well-utilised I14Y interoperability platform represents a key value added for the DataHub data ecosystem as a public source of information.

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Start 2019
End 2026


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