eGov signature validator

This measure aims to improve user trust and acceptance with respect to electronic official documents. The primary goal is to confirm to recipients that the official document is authentic and not a forgery. A signature validator from the federal government for use by authorities and private individuals will make it possible to verify the origin and integrity of digitally signed and sealed documents. Documents can be forged very easily in the digital space; this service will help to advance digital Switzerland by encouraging trust in electronic official documents.


  • Continual development 2022–23
  • A revision to the federal law on electronic signatures (ZertES) is planned for 2025. It will allow for the API to be offered to the public.

Further information

The service can be found at The web version is available to the public. The API version can only be used by the authorities.


Start 2021
End 2026


Federal Chancellery


Federal Chancellery


The basis modules and infrastructure for a country-wide expansion of the digital administration are available nationally


Security and trust

People in Switzerland can move around safely in the digital environment; privacy is protected.