Evaluation and further development of the Competence Network for Artificial Intelligence (CNAI)

In August 2021, the Federal Council decided to create a Competence Network for Artificial Intelligence (CNAI). It has been operational since spring 2022. According to the variant approved by the Federal Council, the CNAI serves as a contact point to exchange experience and knowledge on artificial intelligence (AI). The CNAI is due to be evaluated in 2024 and measures for its further development are to be proposed where necessary.

These measures are intended to ensure the further development of the CNAI and the steps proposed in this context. The primary aim is to support the decisions that the Federal Council takes in June 2024 as part of the evaluation of the CNAI. This is to be achieved, among other things, by improving framework conditions within the Federal Administration for a human-centered and trustworthy approach to AI.

This will be of benefit to Digital Switzerland because AI is expected to fundamentally alter not only the internal business processes of the Federal Administration, but also the way in which the Federal Administration interacts with the public and businesses.


  • 06.2024: CNAI evaluation report for the Federal Council
  • 06.2025: Implementation of measures set out in the report to the Federal Council for the further development of the CNAI


Start 2023
End 2025


Federal Statistical Office


Federal Department of Home Affairs


The population and the economy can use digital methods to conduct their business with the authorities


Education and skills

People, businesses and public authorities have sufficient skills to make the most of new technologies and are able to evaluate them critically.