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OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC)

PIAAC (Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies) is an international comparative study by the OECD in which the basic competencies of adults in reading, mathematics and problem-solving are recorded.

Planning and initiation of the national project implementation are being handled by the FSO, in cooperation with the OECD.

Data use policy for the Swiss education sector

A data use policy for the Swiss education sector will be developed by June 2025. The aim is to ensure the secure and ethically appropriate handling of data in the education system within the framework of existing data protection and to enable its targeted use.

Data federation for VET/PET

The measure is intended to simplify access to and exchange of VET/PET data and thus promote innovation.

It is primarily about a data exchange architecture in which events (data) are linked directly, autonomously and without detours to the context of use for the benefit of all three VET/PET network partners.

This is to be achieved by…

Swiss Internet Governance Forum

Holding annual Swiss Internet Governance Forum meetings as the national instance of the UN IGT and a multi-stakeholder platform on digital topics in Switzerland.

Attendance at the Swiss IGF is open to all interested parties and free of charge. All target groups are included as equal discussion partners, making the event into an opportunity…

Obstacle-free ETH

ETH Zurich is committed to obstacle-free access. Over the next few years, people with disabilities or special needs - whether students, teachers, researchers, employees or visitors - should have largely unrestricted access to ETH buildings and services. Particularly in the use of digital aids, ETH would also like to be a role model for other stakeholders.…

Cantonal programmes to promote the basic skills of adults

The Confederation, together with the cantons, is committed to ensuring that adults can acquire and maintain the basic competences they lack. The Federal Act on Continuing Education and Training (WeBiG) provides for financial assistance to the cantons for this purpose (Article 16 WeBiG).

Each canton draws up a cantonal programme tailored to…

"Simply better! work"

At the end of 2017, the Federal Council adopted the programme "Simply better! the workplace" to counteract the shortage of skilled workers on the one hand by enabling existing staff to keep up with the changing demands of the world of work. On the other hand, at the same time, the economy is sensitised to the topics of further education and…

PISA 2025 of the OECD

The OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) is an international comparative study that measures the competencies of 15-year-old students in the core areas of reading, mathematics and science at regular intervals. As part of the 2025 survey, there will be an additional questionnaire on students' familiarity with ICT. Furthermore,…

Events relating to digitalisation-friendly law

The Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) is organising or supporting a series of events that focus on issues of digitalisation-friendly law.

Evaluation and further development of the Competence Network for Artificial Intelligence (CNAI)

In August 2021, the Federal Council decided to create a Competence Network for Artificial Intelligence (CNAI). It has been operational since spring 2022. According to the variant approved by the Federal Council, the CNAI serves as a contact point to exchange experience and knowledge on artificial intelligence (AI). The CNAI is due to be evaluated…