Signature service

The measure is intended to support the general use of digital signatures and seals on documents in the Federal Administration, particularly for rulings. The primary aim is to provide federal offices and departments with modern, automated signature services. This would be done via a central signature server for qualified signatures and regulated electronic seals; the Digital Transformation and ICT Steering Sector (DTI) would manage the server as a standard ICT service. This would advance Digital Switzerland by allowing the federal government to rely on trustworthy and tamper-proof electronic documents in its interactions with authorities, companies and citizens.


  • Continual development from 2022
  • Roll-out to the entire Federal Administration by the end of 2024

Further information

Overview of standard ICT services Standard ICT Services (


Start 2020
End 2024


Federal Chancellery


Federal Chancellery


Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication


The population and the economy can use digital methods to conduct their business with the authorities


Digital public services

Public authorities offer their services digitally as standard (digital first).