The national cyberstrategy will be implemented in cooperation with the cantons, higher education institutions and business, in order that all actors can address digital challenges securely.

Lead: Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport, National Cyber Security Centre.


National Cyber Security Centre

Related measures

6 Measures (continously updated)

Cyberdefence Campus+

Continuous development of the cyber defence (CYD) campus to the level of the national technical competence network for cyberdefence with universities and industry.

Stories from Everyday Digital Life

The measure is intended to provide people with an accessible introduction to potential dangers in everyday life online.

The Stories from Everyday Digital Life comic aims to reach children and youth, as well as the trusted adults in…

Security in the automated driving sector

One precondition for the operation of automated vehicles is that the risks in relation to cybersecurity can be minimised. This is achieved not least by means of preventive measures. Within the framework of this project, measures are being developed…

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Security and trust

People in Switzerland can move around safely in the digital environment; privacy is protected.